Hi and thanks for visiting. You are looking at the personal on-line resume of Larry Karnis. I am a 25+ year VMware/UNIX/Linux technical consultant-for-hire based near Toronto Canada.

Below is a brief outline of the skills and experience I have developed. You can find out more by using the links to the left or by e-mailing me directly.

Technical Abilities

I have expert level skill in VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3 (ESX 3.5 and VirtualCenter 2.5) along with expertise in UNIX and Linux operating systems. I have earned many vendor certifications usually by just sitting the exam.

I enjoy the trust and loyalty of my many consulting clients by constantly delivering quality results, on time and under budget. I am also an expert C programmer. I have delivered two commercially successful programming projects (for sale) and have worked on many company internal projects. I have:

Content Delivery

I have over 15 years experience working as an occasional contract high-tech mentor/facilitator. I have worked as a contract resource for the University of Toronto, Learning Tree and Global Knowledge as well as a number of regional professional development companies throughout North America. I have:

Publications & Professional Development Products and Services

I have helped many publishing partners develop and improve their content. I: