HP-UX Experience

I've been administering HP-UX servers since HP-UX 8.0 (around 1995). In that time, I've helped many clients with HP-UX issues and problems. Along the way, I tested out on Hewlett Packards HP Certified IT Professional designation in HP-UX System Administration.

I like HP-UX because it is a solid performer. Not the fastest system for the money but HP makes up for it with rock solid reliability and excellent support.

HP-UX Work Experience

I've done many things with HP-UX. I've had some stunning successes saving my clients money and enabling services that really added value. Here's a list of some of my larger accomplishments:

I have three HP-UX servers in my office so I can develop locally and ship you the finished result.

HP Certified IT Professional in HP-UX System Administration

I tested out on this certificate within the first month of it being available. All in all, I thought it to be a fair test that covered most aspects of HP-UX administration. It was especially challenging because you could not bring any materials into the exam (books, notes, etc.).

Thank you to HP for the neat HP Certified jacket that followed a few weeks later in the mail.