SCO And Open Source

I strongly disagree with SCO's attack on the Open Source community. While I still work with SCO products, I now strongly encourage my clients to adopt Open Source alternatives. My conscience will not allow me to sell products from a company who would then use the profits to attack the Open Source world.

SCO OpenServer 5


I first started doing work with Santa Cruz Operation (SCO) UNIX for Intel product - SCO Unix R2 in the mid 1980's, providing installation support, troubleshooting and upgrades. I have continued to work with OpenServer in it's various releases ever since. My experience with OpenServer is quite broad from bare metal installs to recoveries after catastrophic failures. I still have a large client base of OpenServer users who find it a reliabile, effective platform for running their UNIX based applications.

SCO OpenServer Experience

I have supported the use of SCO OpenServer in production environments since 1988. In that time, I have worked on systems as small as one user and as large as 100+ users. My experience with OpenServer includes:

SCO Certifications & Authorizations

I tested out on my SCO ACE designation at a local ProMetric center. It involved two tests that were quite picky (and more challenging than I expected). However, for the depth and breadth of coverage, I would have to say that the SCO ACE tests were some of the most challenging tests I've taken. To complete an ACE designation, you must pass both an System Administration test and a Network Administration test.
Earning a Master ACE designation involved taking a third SCO test on Shell Script Programming. Shell scripting is a critical skill for system administrators and SCO is correct to ensure that their top certified people have this skill.
We earned formal SCO reseller status in 1997 after informally selling and supporting SCO products for years. Management changes at SCO forced us to become legit! Our SCO Reseller Authorization Number is 30044282.
Our first SCO authorization was for their entire OpenServer product line. At the time, SCO OpenServer reseller authorization was only granted to companies who had an SCO Advanced Certified Engineer on staff. Today, anyone can resell OpenServer. However, few companies do a good job of installation or support.