Solaris Experience

I've been working with Solaris ever since the days of SunOS. I helped clients migrate from SunOS 4.1.3 to Solaris 2.1. My actual SunOS experience goes back to the days of Sun's multi-bus Motorola 68000 based systems. I still own two working Sun 3/60 systems (punched out with 4mb of RAM, a 330mb narrow SCSI disk and a SCSI QIC tape drive! One even has Ethernet!).

Typically, my involvement with Sun systems is as a contract administrator. In that capacity, I've helped my clients purchase, upgrade, repair, run and secure their systems. This includes installing and configuring both Oracle and Progress (both Relational Database Management Systems).

I consider Solaris one of the easiest UNIX's I know to administer (that is, until you get into DiskSuite). It is fast, reliable, mostly self-tuning and scales well.

Solaris Work Experience

I've done many things with Solaris. Here's a brief synopsis:

I have two Solaris 8 servers in my office so I can develop locally and ship you the finished result.

Sun Certified System Administrator (CSA)

I've been lazy... I took the first test for Solaris 8 Certified System Administrator certification but haven't bothered with the second test. Maybe by writing this, I'll be motivated to complete the second test and earn the cert.

Migrating To Linux

Are you a Sun VAR or customer who is tired of extremely paying extremely high prices for the systems you get? Want to take advantage of the volume economics and performance of Intel or AMD based systems?

I have both the Sun skills and the RedHat Linux skills to help you plan, implement and verify your migration to Linux from Solaris. I've run RedHat in production environments for years and know what it takes (hardware, software, procedures, etc.) to get the job done right.

Don't postpone looking at Linux and don't waste your time with Sun's Linux distribution. Sun has bailed on Sun Linux 5 and is now recommending either RedHat, SuSE (or whatever the customer wants) for their Intel hardware. They even stated that Sun Linux 5 is esentially "Redhat Linux with a few minor tweaks" (Mar 23, 2003. John Loiacono, VP Sun's Operating Platforms Group).

Sun Solaris Training Content Development

I authored a class called Solaris Administration II that is being marketed by Gloabl Knowledge. I also provided technical editing assistance to the author of Gloabl Knowledge's Solaris Administration I.

SA II is a class for experienced Solaris administrators. We cover RAID Concepts, Implementing RAID with DiskSuite, Configuring DNS, Solaris Kernel Tuning, Solaris Performance and more.

Contact me if you are interested in Sun training at the command line, shell scripting, introductory system administrator or advanced system administrator levels.